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Nailing Your Crisis Media Conference with Doug Weller

Date: 18 November 2021 Format: Online Webinar Presenter: Doug Weller LinkedIn Registered Guests: https://www.linkedin.com/events/10tipsformediaconferences1pmwed6855024735483523072 Video Recording on YouTube: Nailing Your Crisis Media Conference with Doug Weller from Corporate Media Services (and below) PowerPoint Slides: Nailing Your Crisis Media Conference with Doug Weller from Corporate Media Services (and below) Say Thank You with an Informative Review: […]

The Great Face Off – The Day Social Media Became Antisocial

By Doug Weller On 18 February 2021, Facebook pulled the plug. Australian Facebookers woke to find they could not access or share Australian news via Facebook. Unfortunately, organisations including some government departments, charities, community sites and others were bundled into the ‘news’ category and were also blocked. News consumers could still access news directly in […]

Media Interviews COVID-19 Style

By Doug Weller COVID-19 will have a lasting impact on us all. It will change the way we do many things and the TV News and Current Affairs industry is no exception. Computer-based TV news interviews from homes, cars and even the backyard have skyrocketed since the pandemic began – a trend that will probably […]

COVID-19 A Plague of Mixed Messages

By Doug Weller Not since the Spanish Flu, has the world experienced such an extreme health crisis as the Covid-19 pandemic. Large-scale crises over the past 100 years have shaken the world. We’ve faced wars, terrorist attacks, stock market crashes, recessions, revolutions, nuclear and natural disasters. Now we face the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic and it’s […]

In Case You’re Wondering – Nothing’s Off-The-Record

Donald Trump’s former personal assistant learnt a brutal lesson about going off-the-record with journalists. According to CNN, Madeleine Westerhout attended a dinner in New Jersey with Deputy White House Press Secretary, Hogan Gidley, and several reporters. These dinners are common and typically treated as off-the-record. CNN says when Gidley left the room to attend to […]

I Really Do Care About Melania Trump’s Jacket Fiasco

By Doug Weller The distressing humanitarian crisis over children separated from their illegal immigrant families, then held in a US Department of Human Services facility, made global headlines. But sadly, Melania Trump’s jacket made sure the headlines kept rolling. The media coverage and public outrage over the humanitarian issue finally led to the policy being […]

When a Crisis Hits – What to say and how to say it

By Doug Weller Crisis communications planning should happen well before an organisational crisis occurs. Schools, for example, face a myriad of headline grabbing issues on a regular basis. Headlines about bullying, hazing and drugs are bad enough, but news of school shootings are now all too common. When I’m reading and watching these news stories, […]

CBS Social Media Crisis Following Vegas Shooting

By Doug Weller The CBS social media crisis following the tragic Vegas shooting highlights why social media protocols are so important for organisations. Are there any words to describe the awful mass shooting in Las Vegas? I was in Las Vegas only weeks before the incident, so to see what occurred there was surreal. The […]

Princess Di’s Butler Squirms In Awkward Media Interview

By Doug Weller Media interviews can get ugly… Australian morning television host, Karl Stefanovic, opened a Today Show interview with Princess Diana’s butler, Paul Burrell, saying “We have a lot of things to talk about today…” Yet, Stefanovic seemed to have only one thing on his mind: His claim that Burrell was unfair to say […]

Don’t Let Your Crisis Response Become The Story

By Doug Weller Empathy, empathy, empathy – let’s toss in sincerity. These qualities are crucial when it comes to your crisis response, especially when the media locks onto it. An inappropriate initial crisis response can exacerbate the situation to the point of meltdown. Reputation damage can be significant and costly. United Airlines Passenger Dragging Incident […]

Dreamworld’s Crisis Communications Nightmare

By Doug Weller   The company logo says it all ‘Dreamworld Happiness’. It’s all about fun, happiness, and good times’. Many Australians have wonderful memories of Dreamworld. Maybe that’s why the tragic accident that happened at Dreamworld shocked the public and impacted families nationwide. This was a high profile and very newsworthy incident. It ran […]

Radio Interviews Via Phone

By Doug Weller   Don’t let mobile phone issues negatively impact your radio interviews. Who doesn’t have a mobile phone these days? Most of us can’t live without them – we feel like we’ve lost a limb if we are without a mobile phone for even a short time. They’re as beneficial and convenient as […]

Media Language – Drowning in your own words

By Doug Weller Media players, listen up. You can learn a lot about media language from the Eddie McGuire/Caroline Wilson ‘drowning’ saga. Eddie McGuire is a media guru. A high profile Australian TV presenter, radio commentator, Collingwood Football Club President and former TV network CEO. With that much media experience, Eddie should understand the influence and effect […]

Do You Fear Public Speaking?

By Doug Weller I find the number of people who fear public speaking staggering. When facilitating our Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Training Courses I constantly observe competent, professional people who are terrified when speaking publicly. I facilitated a course recently with a very successful business person. This person runs a prosperous national company and […]

What is Corporate Media Services’ training philosophy?

Corporate Media Services aims to empower participants with the necessary skills and confidence to effectively manage their own real-life media situations. Confidence building and empowerment are at the core of our training philosophy. We believe in providing a challenging but non-threatening learning experience so that trainees gain the maximum benefit from our courses.

Does Corporate Media Services provide training nationally?

Yes. We conduct our training courses throughout Australia and the South Pacific. Most of our courses are conducted in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth Hobart and Darwin. We also conduct many courses in regional centres.

Are the courses conducted in a studio?

In reality, the vast majority of media interviews are conducted over the phone, face to face in an office environment or outdoors. Corporate Media Services replicates these conditions so our participants undergo a realistic media interview experience. Some TV networks will conduct TV news and current affairs interviews at your premises. Corporate Media Services replicates […]

What is the cost of the media training programs?

As course costs can vary due to the different options and inclusions available, pricing will be discussed in detail based on your requirements prior to issuing a proposal. Contact us to discuss your requirements and receive a proposal.

Do participants receive a manual?

Yes. Our media training manuals are constantly updated to keep abreast of the changing media trends.

Can observers sit in on the course?

Yes, we also allow an unlimited number of observers to view the media training course at no extra charge. Observers do not undergo practical interview sessions but are free to view them.

What are the maximum participant numbers?

We recommend a limit of 3 participants for a half-day course and 5 participants for a full-day course (participant numbers for multi-day media training courses vary depending on your brief.) These recommended limits allow participants maximum exposure to the practical interview components of the course, ensuring optimum benefit from the training. Although these limits are […]

Do participants receive a copy of their recorded interviews?

Yes. Each participant gets the ONLY copy of their interviews to ensure confidentiality.

Are participants’ interviews recorded and/or filmed?

Yes. All participants are interviewed by the trainer (a qualified and experienced journalist) about relevant topics. Each interview is recorded and/or filmed by a certified TV camera and operator, enabling participants to review their progress and receive feedback.

What are the media trainers’ credentials?

Our highly professional media training team is comprised of experienced news and current affairs journalists and camera-people who are committed to giving participants the skills to deal with real-life media situations. Our training team brings a wealth of knowledge to our media training courses, providing an engaging, entertaining and relevant learning experience. Their proven success […]

Do you offer Crisis Media Training courses?

Yes. An outline of our crisis media training course is available here. We are also happy to send you a proposal.

Are your media training courses updated?

Yes. Our media training courses are constantly updated to keep abreast of the changing media trends.

Do you cover all mediums?

Yes. We cover print, radio, television, new and online media. We can focus on all or some of these mediums, depending on your brief.

What is Corporate Media Services’ training philosophy?

Corporate Media Services aims to give participants with the necessary skills and confidence to effectively manage their own real-life media situations. Confidence building and empowerment are at the core of our media training philosophy. We believe in providing a challenging but non-threatening learning experience so the participants gain the maximum benefit from our media courses.

Are your media training courses customised to suit all levels of experience?

Yes. All of our media training courses are fully customised to meet the needs of beginners, through to advanced levels. We DO NOT believe in a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. We recognise that each client has individual issues and unique requirements. We offer the highest levels of personalised service to ensure the media training we provide is […]

What is the duration of a media training course?

Corporate Media Services conducts half-day, full-day and multi-day media training courses. A half-day course can be scheduled as either a morning or an afternoon session. Full-day and multi-day media training courses are run within normal business hours.

Beretta Australia

“Truly sensational and although challenging, I’d be very happy to do it again.” Luca Cella Marketing Manager Beretta Australia

Hall and Wilcox Lawyers

“Excellent. I enjoyed and needed the practise. Doug and Milton were both fantastic and very helpful.” Sally Scott Partner Hall and Wilcox Lawyers

Walter & Eliza Hall Institute

“Excellent. First class – much more useful than I had anticipated!” D. Hilton Director Walter & Eliza Hall Institute

Victoria Legal Aid

“Fantastic! One of the best and most relevant training courses I have ever done!” Leanne Sinclair Family Violence Program Manager Victoria Legal Aid

Answer the Question!

By Doug Weller There have been some subtle changes in media message delivery over the years – subtle but important. Back in the days of the former Queensland Premier, Joh Bjelke-Petersen, there were many media players who refused to answer the question, but Joh turned ignoring questions into an art form. Comedians got great mileage […]

Who’s a Great Public Speaker? Barack Obama, that’s Who!

By Doug Weller Whenever anyone asks me “Who is a great public speaker?”, I always give the same response…Barack Obama. Obama is amazing; his public speaking and media skills blow me away. His presentations are brilliant. Always articulate, always engaging and always to the point. Barack Obama speaking about Donald Trump’s presidential ambitions demonstrates his […]

Are journalists out to get you?

By Doug Weller Are journalists out to get you? In my humble opinion, no. Do some journalists and commentators come with agendas? The answer is probably yes. Don’t forget that journalists are human beings and have personal opinions on a range of issues. But the vast majority of journalists are simply trying to pull together […]

This Photo Opportunity Should Have Been Rejected

By Corporate Media Services Politicians are a mobile lot, looking for a photo opportunity at every turn. A media pack chasing you around a shopping centre might seem annoying to most of us but politicians generally love that sort of publicity. In the world of politics photo opportunities are crucial. The unfortunate downside is that […]

The Julie Bishop Eye Roll Incident

By Doug Weller   Politicians, especially those in the state and federal arena, do a lot of media interviews – it goes with the territory. If you spend a lot of time doing media interviews you get an understanding of how the media operates and you quickly learn how to conduct yourself around cameras and […]

Online Crisis Communications – Germanwings

Online Crisis Communications – Germanwings By Corporate Media Services The Germanwings aviation tragedy demonstrates how fast news travels via traditional and social media during a crisis. In the midst of the disaster, Germanwings and its parent company Lufthansa had to respond to the crisis while continuing to operate their businesses. During a crisis, speculation, opinions, […]

Broadcasting from the world’s longest commercial flight

By Doug Weller It’s August 1989 and QANTAS is about to fly the longest non-stop commercial flight in history. The aircraft doing the honours is a QANTAS Boeing 747-400, registration VH-OJA, ‘City of Canberra’. When I received a call from ABC management asking me what my August plans were I said “I’ll be on holidays”. […]

Journalism – A Dangerous Job

By Doug Weller It’s easy to forget journalism can be a very dangerous job. The dangers are many for journalists who cover conflicts in various international hotspots. A shocking example is that of freelance war correspondent, James Foley, who was abducted and beheaded. Freelance cameraperson, Ashoka Mukpu, is another example having contracted and survived the […]

Media Message Mayhem – When And How To Backtrack

By Corporate Media Services   Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, made an election eve promise not to cut funding to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and Special Broadcasting Service (SBS). Mr Abbott then seemed to have a memory lapse, denying that promise. The Communications Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, weighed in with mixed messages. Once Mr Abbott’s […]

Ian Thorpe’s Strategic Outing

By Corporate Media Services It must have taken a lot of guts for Olympic swimmer, Ian Thorpe, to out himself on international television. Thorpe chose to be an athlete, not a celebrity. His talent brought him fame. With fame comes a heavy price – a loss of privacy. In this age of social media, 24 […]

Jacqui Lambie’s ‘Well-Hung’ Moment

By Doug Weller – Corporate Media Services   Australian Senator, Jacqui Lambie, made some below the belt comments – quite literally, on Hobart’s Heart 107.3 breakfast show with Kim and Dave. In the interview, the radio hosts asked Senator Lambie about her relationship status and what she looks for in a man. Her response was blunt; […]

Ricky Muir Fights Back

By Doug Weller – Corporate Media Services Call me unusual if you like but I find politics really interesting. I started covering politics when I was a cub reporter and I’ve been following politics ever since. So forgive me for having another chop at the Ricky Muir/Mike Willesee interview, but the debate which has followed the […]

Abbott’s wink – Body language in the media

By Corporate Media Services A wink of the eye can say so many things. You can give a reassuring wink, a flirty wink, or even a conspiratorial wink. This small and simple physical gesture can send many different non-verbal signals. Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, was reminded of what a wink can mean as he took […]

Social Media Versus Traditional Media

By Corporate Media Services Media spokespeople often complain that media interviews with journalists, microphones and cameras are stressful. However, unlike social media, media spokespeople are aware of the moment and the possible ramifications. With social media, you may not be aware of the possible ramifications of what is recorded online in text, audio or video. […]

Crisis Media Communications Case Study – Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370

By Corporate Media Services Case Study Background The terrible tragedy of missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 will no doubt be discussed in crisis communications case studies for many years to come. It’s hard to imagine a crisis with so many tragic elements, 227 passengers and 12 crew presumed dead, hundreds of devastated family members and […]

The Bali Media Circus Continues…

Australian Media Circus in Bali by Doug Weller The money driven, ego driven, Australian media circus in Bali needs to end. Every non local media representative in Bali should just pack up and go home. Then cover something that really matters to the Australian community – something in the public interest. http://goo.gl/wy48uc

The Bali Media Circus

The Bali Media Circus Posted by Doug Weller The media circus in Bali is in full swing and Shapelle Corby is yet to be released. It will be very interesting to watch this roll out over the next few days and watch the major news outlets scramble for exclusives. News becomes entertainment – there’s a […]

Dealing With a Crisis

Dealing With a Crisis Posted by Doug Weller The current diplomatic crisis with Indonesia is a really interesting case study in crisis management. It backs up our firm belief that you need to do the following as a crisis develops: Move quickly – understand how bad it could get. Communicate early – get the messages […]

Great Use of Social Media

Great Use of Social Media Posted by Doug Weller There has been more than 50 million hits on this award winning Metro Trains Melbourne video. Great use of social media. Details here: http://goo.gl/E6oT5 Make an enquiry now or call us on 1300 737 913 or +61 412 298 905  

Live Clanger

By Doug Weller Here is another example of someone forgetting the microphone was on during a live broadcast. If you are involved in a live interview or broadcast be aware of where you are and what you are doing.  Click here to see the clanger: http://goo.gl/wzYsj Make an enquiry now or call us on 1300 […]

Media Ratings

Media Ratings People often forget that the media, including radio, is a business. This item explains how crucial ratings are for radio commentators. We should never forget the level of competition involved in the media and the impact it has on those working in the media industry. If you can’t watch the whole program, make […]

Inappropriate Media Comment

Inappropriate Media Comment By Doug Weller I’m often asked how to clean up a mess started by a stupid or inappropriate comment in the media. It can be very difficult. It’s much better if you and your spokespeople avoid the mess in the first place by thinking through what you are about to say. Inappropriate […]

How To Build Relationships With Journalists

By Doug Weller Have you ever wondered how to build relationships with journalists? It is important that you build and maintain strong, professional and mutually beneficial relationships with journalists. If your organisation has a media or public relations division, work with and be guided by, these media professionals to facilitate this process. Most journalists work […]

Three Major Myths of Media Training

First Published: 08/07/10 Last Update: 09/07/12 Author: Doug Weller Words: 1,760 Media Training-Media Training-Media Training. Why is there such a thing as media training? Why do we conduct Media Training Programs and Media Training Courses? A few decades ago media training did not exist. Media training has only been around, in a formal sense, since […]

Frequently Asked Questions About Public Speaking and Presentations

Public Speaking and Presentations FAQ’s First Published: 22/6/10 Last Update: 08/09/12 Author: Doug Weller Words: 584 Q How long is too long for a presentation? A Research has shown that the average participant begins to lose concentration after seven minutes. Keep your presentation short and sharp, ask questions and wait for the audience to answer. Use […]