Corporate Media Services Our Training Philosophy

Corporate Media Services Training PhilosophyOur Approach

Corporate Media Services’ objective is to provide interactive media training that is realistic and informative. Our practical approach to training applies realistic scenarios to prepare participants to effectively manage their own real life media situations.

All Corporate Media Services’ trainers are experienced professionals who have recently worked in the media industry. They provide a fresh perspective and possess up-to-date media and communication skills.

Customised Training Programs

Corporate Media Services training programs are designed to suit a variety of training requirements. Our three core training options can be customised to suit any specific requirements that you or your organisation may have.

These options apply to all of our media training and media services. The options can be adapted for half-day, full-day or multi-day programs.

Training can be conducted at the client’s premises or at other locations as arranged.

Corporate Media Services’ trainers conduct all interviews in ‘realistic environments’. This ensures participants gain the necessary skills to deal with journalists in the ‘real media world’. Media training covers print, radio, television and online.


Total confidentiality is assured. All Corporate Media Services’ trainers sign a strict confidentiality agreement before each training program to ensure nothing of a private or confidential nature is discussed outside the training room.

What is discussed in the training room, stays in the training room.

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