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Corporate Media Services Testimonials, Feedback and ReviewsThis is a small sample of testimonials, feedback and reviews following the many media training courses we have conducted at Corporate Media Services.

The Media Training Courses have been run in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth, regional centres in all states of Australia, New Zealand and PNG.

*The following testimonials, feedback and reviews are listed with the written permission of each participant.

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“Fantastic! One of the best and most relevant training courses I have ever done!”
Family Violence Program Manager (Legal Firm)

“Excellent. First class – much more useful than I had anticipated!”
Director (Medical Research Institute)

“Truly sensational and although challenging, I’d be very happy to do it again.”
Marketing Manager (Retail Company)

“Fantastic program – I learnt a lot.”
Executive Manager Sales (Healthcare Services)

“Professional trainers who clearly knew how to deliver.”
Superintendent (Emergency Services Organisation)

Program Director (Research Institute)

“Excellent. Very good tools to take back into the professional arena.”
General Manager (Property Group)

“Fantastic program, very useful and insightful.”
Director (Government Regulator)

“Absolutely brilliant. Very practical, fantastic content, very experienced presenters and professional delivery. A very worthwhile investment.”
CEO (Healthcare Services)

“One word – outstanding!”
Head of Operations Healthcare (Investment Services)

“Very challenging, got me out of my comfort zone. Role play is very valuable. Overall, good insight into all forms of media.”
General Manager (Manufacturing Company)

“Excellent, worthwhile, very informative and interactive.”
Senior Manager (IT Communications Company)

“Great session, lots of good information, great energy and interaction.”
Compliance Officer (Transport and Logistics Company)

“Fantastic program, very useful and valuable. Although somewhat confronting and uncomfortable it was skill building.”
MBA Student (University)

“Fantastic. Enjoyed specifically the structure that we were taught and Doug was really engaging.”
Business Consultant (Business Chamber)

“Good structure bringing the day from Crisis Management through to media delivery.”
National Manager (Manufacturing Company)

“Great energy. Thought provoking and challenging. Thanks, it was a great experience that provides a much needed insight into the media and how to handle difficult situations.”
National Sales Manager (Manufacturing Company)

“Excellent, confronting, educational, a thoroughly comprehensive program.”
CEO (Energy Company)

“Good fun, simple and clear to understand, great tips and advice…an enjoyable day.”
Manager Raw Water Supply (Water Industry Company)

“Fantastic program. I learnt so much about media and presentation styles and feel more confident for future research outcomes and my ability to present to the public.Brilliant session, well worth doing, learnt o much, well done!”
Senior Research Officer (University)

“The course gave me complete confidence to deal with all types of media at an executive level, thankyou.”
Superintendent (Emergency Services Organisation)

“Terrific, engaging, practical.”
Director Community Services (City Council)

“An excellently delivered training regime that will greatly assist my media delivery in all future situations.”
Mayor (City Council)

“Very valuable insights into communicating with the media and how to give it your best shot.”
CEO (City Council)

“Thank you Doug for a professionally planned and delivered media training program. It was enormously beneficial to all who participated.”
Executive Director (Environmental Research Organisation)

“Great program, good approach, nice use of examples.”
Partnership Coordinator (Charity)

“Fantastic, short, sharp and clear. Useful tips and excellent dry run on how to communicate and respond. Great having professionals who know the trade, run the sessions.”
Program Leader (Enforcement and Compliance Reform) (Environmental Regulator)

“Excellent, Very helpful.”
Commissioner (Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission)

“Great course, got a lot out of it, particularly the recording and playback sessions for TV and radio…very helpful feedback…excellent course material.”
Assistant Fire Management Officer (Emergency Management Organisation)

Chairman (Environmental Regulator)

“A fantastic experience with invaluable tips. The many tools explained and demonstrated will be extremely useful.”
Financial Accountant (Water Services Organisation)

“Absolutely fascinating. Many points I would never have considered prior to today.”
Asssistant Winemaker (Wine Industry)

“…of great value in ensuring we communicate effectively with our worldwide audiences.”
Export Markets Executive (Wine Industry)

“Very instructive and enjoyable.”
Owner (Food Manufacturing Company)

“A very well run course, professionally conducted and most informative and useful.”
Director Communications (Zoo)

“Excellent program enhancing our understanding of how to use media on our terms.”
Chairman (Zoo)

“Well structured, very comprehensive…Doug and Milton provided great insight, thank-you.”
PR & Communication Coordinator (Food Franchise Headquarters)

“This is not something that should be done once. We need to be reminded and to work through these important techniques.”
CEO (Educations Services)

“Very helpful reinforcement of process to prepare and manage communication of key messages through media.”
COO (Educations Services)

“Excellent interactive session, confronting but memorable and entertaining”
General Manager (Disability Employment Services)

“I thought the program was fantastic. It left me with a great sense of confidence”
Member Communications Advisor (Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman)

“Well structured, informative & fantastic learning style. Good mix of discussion, presentation and use of visuals. Excellent”
Training/HR Coordinator (Superannuation Industry)

“Excellent pace and structure. Kept the group relaxed and engaged all the way through. I found the workshops extremely valuable”
Senior Training Consultant (Superannuation Industry)

“Very engaging, great feedback, constructive”
Acting Operations Manager (Superannuation Industry)

“An excellently conducted program. The experience of Doug and Milton was clearly highlighted when they explained each step of media.”
Q&A and Release Manager (Insurance Company)

“Excellent program. Valuable tools I can take away. I’m far more confident about what is required in dealing with the media effectively.”
Senior Manager Business Development (TAFE)

“Terrific program, really interesting, good interaction, presenters know their stuff.”
Director, Living Well Enterprise (TAFE)

“Terrific! Really practical and lots of insider knowledge.”
Communications & Media Officer (City Council)

“Very professional with excellent use of technology; realistic and user friendly tips and identification of traps and pitfalls. Valuable in providing extra confidence to deal with the media in both positive and negative situations.”
Board Member (Community Bank)

“Very good, thorough and professional”
Chief Fire Officer (Emergency Services Management)

“Excellent coaching, clear instructions…well delivered.”
CEO (Health Services)

“I learned an enormous amount. One thing I learned was how much I did not know! The systematic way material was presented impressed me. Use of scenarios familiar to our field was also relevant.”
Dean Faculty of Pain Medicine (Medical College)

“Fantastic hands-on training. Doug and Milton were impeccable: professional, knowledgeable and expert. [Their] experience comes clearly through every part of the day. Can’t imagine two better equipped trainers. Some of the anecdotes are worth the price of admission! Highly recommended!”
Project Manager (Charity)

“Enjoyable program, presenters were fantastic”
Leading Firefighter (Emergency Services Organisation)

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