Corporate Media Services Why choose us?

Corporate Media Services Why Choose UsCorporate Media Services, founded by Doug Weller, caters for beginners and those with more advanced media skills. Media training courses can be customised to meet your specific requirements.

Media training includes practical interview exercises. A professional TV-news cameraperson films all presentations, which are then reviewed for immediate feedback by the training team.

Corporate Media Services’ trainers cover all mediums; print, radio, television and online.

Participants are given the only copy of their training DVD at the end of the training to ensure their privacy; this allows trainees to review their performances at a later date (no other copies of the interview are made unless requested).

Corporate Media Services works closely with clients to develop a full range of customised media training that enhances the skills of staff members.

Confidence building and empowerment of the participants are at the core of our training philosophy.

Corporate Media Services Can Conduct Training At:

Corporate Media Services Media Consulting

  • Your premises
  • State-of-the-art radio and television studios
  • Corporate training facilities
  • Interstate or overseas in person or via Skype
  • Through social media

During Training We Can Offer The Following Interview Environments:

Corporate Media Services - Media Pack

  • Print/online style (face to face or over the phone)
  • Radio style – pre-record (face to face or over the phone)
  • Radio style – live (face to face, infield or studio style)
  • Television – pre-record (face to face or over the phone)
  • Television – live (face to face, studio style)
  • Television – live cross (exact simulation) – earpiece for participants and reporter in a different location

*All non-studio interviews can be conducted inside or outside.

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