Overseas Posting

Overseas Posting

Published: December 1989

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ABC RADIO, known for its excellent coverage of overseas events, is currently shuffling its correspondents around the bureaux.

The Washington job, vacated by Warwick Beutler, is to be filled by Doug Weller, who has been prominent in the coverage of politics in Queensland.

Agnes Warren will become the first ever woman ABC correspondent in London when she takes over from John Highfield. Warren joins the other two London correspondents, Peter Cave and Michael Dodd. Highfield is coming back to Australia to be Radio’s foreign editor.

And what about Warwick Beutler? Well, the Canberra current affairs job still has not been decided yet. However, I have it on good authority that Beutler is a strong contender for the position.

Also up for grabs later in the year are the Asian postings. In the near future there will be changes in Bangkok, Beijing, New Delhi, and Tokyo.

According to Ian Wolfe, controller of information programs (radio), ABC policy is to turn over the overseas offices much more than before.

“In the past, people frequently went to overseas posts and stayed a long time,” he said. “Now we try to share them around as much as possible and keep people on the move.

“One of the big things we offer at the ABC is the opportunity of an overseas posting. We have so many good reporters it’s wrong to say that just one or two people should be overseas.”


Overseas Posting

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