Doug Weller reading ABC 7pm Television News Bulletin

Doug Weller reading ABC 7pm Television News Bulletin and reporting on Shop Stealing Story


Video Title: Doug Weller reading ABC 7pm Television News Bulletin and reporting on Shop Stealing Story

Date: 1995

Duration: 02:32 minutes

Produced by: ABC Television News
Doug Weller reading ABC 7pm Television News Bulletin
Tonight. Christmas crime Shop stealing takes the joy from retailers

Face to face Britain and the IRA talk peace.

And an air borne invasion of the Chinese Consulate.

Good evening, Doug Weller sitting in for Sue MacIntosh with ABC news.

There’s wide-spread concern tonight about the huge amount of goods being stolen in the run-up to Christmas.

As Australia enters its peak shopping season retailers say they’re losing tens of millions of dollars through shop stealing.

The problem is made worse by an increase in shop stealing gangs which are targeting shopping centres across the nation.

The christmas shopping season is in full swing.

Christmas crowds, Christmas sales but also Christmas Crime.

Bob Frayne Retail Traders’ Association ‘It is very widespread across the community we believe its a community problem

And it’s costing Australia’s retailers a fortune.

In New South Wales Victoria and Queensland it’s around one million
dollars a day for each state and about half a million dollars a day in the other states and territories

And shoplifting is now becoming more sophisticated.

The Retail Traders Association says shoplifting gangs are on the increase and they are made up of adults and children and they’re costing the industry millions.

It could be a distraction of the shopkeeper, others are stealing goods or it could be a very violent and agressive customer who is able to put it over the shopkeeper while others steal.

The association says improved electronic surveillance is helping battle
shop stealing, much still goes undetected.

There’s been another historic step towards peace in Northern Ireland.

The IRA’s political wing Siin Fein has held formal talks with the British government.

The advance comes just one hundred days after the IRA declared its cease-fire.

This report from the ABC’s Neil Ross,

Leaving the Falls Road, Sinn Fein’s delegation.

Three of the five are former IRA prisoners hardliners chosen to reassure Republicans they are not being sold out.

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