Corporate Media Services e-Bulletins

Volume 2 Edition 1 – 21 February 2012

Gillard and Rudd need to stick to the basics of media communication

Corporate Media Services e-BulletinsBoth Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd have one thing in common this week – both are having to deal with the mess they created after failing to follow basic rules of media communication.

Julia Gillard is being seen as ‘evasive’ after her now infamous interview on Four Corners.

See Julia Gillard’s interview on Four Corners

Julia Gillard’s performance proves that the days of avoiding questions or ‘blocking’ are over.

Kevin Rudd is dealing with the aftermath of his ‘Rudd Rage’ video. Rudd has again reminded us that microphones and cameras are always live.

See Kevin Rudd swearing video

Never say anything in a media or recording environment that you don’t want reproduced in the media world, no matter how secure the environment.

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