Corporate Media Services e-Bulletins

Volume 1, Edition 1 – 29 April 2010

Corporate Media Services e-BulletinsMelbourne Storm and the Crisis Ripple Effect – How would you handle the media if this happened to you?

It will be a long time before the dust settles following the eruption last week within the rugby league football club, Melbourne Storm. The unprecedented crisis for an Australian sporting club unfolded into what we call a Crisis Ripple Effect.

What was a crisis for Melbourne Storm last Thursday afternoon as the news broke had become, by early Friday, a crisis for a range of other organisations as the Crisis Ripple Effect took hold.

Organisations such as sponsors and other sporting bodies across Australia found themselves swamped by calls from a media, desperate for comment on this incredible story.

A series of quickly organised media doorstops and media conferences were held, as individuals and organisations attempted to limit the damage to their reputations.

Dealing with a Crisis Ripple Effect is different to dealing with a direct crisis: a different media strategy needs to be quickly implemented.

If you suspect you may be hit by a Crisis Ripple Effect, ensure you start preparing your key messages and spokesperson or spokespeople immediately.

If the media is coming to your premises, pick your interview location and ensure your signage is NOT in the background. Choose your words carefully and only speak about your issues, not others.

Look professional, sound professional, remain calm and stay on-message.

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