Corporate Media Services e-Bulletins

Volume 1, Edition 5 – 21 July 2011

Corporate Media Services e-BulletinsRupert Murdoch – Crisis Media Communications

A great deal has been written about what Rupert and James Murdoch said before yesterday’s Commons Media Committee, but little has been said about their appearance.

While their attire was fine, we were unable to get a clear view of their eyes. This is a major negative, especially when television is involved and you are dealing with a crisis.

James Murdoch’s eyes were often partly obscured by the upper part of his glasses and Rupert Murdoch’s eyes were almost constantly covered by his glasses.

The public must be able to see your eyes, especially when you are trying to reassure people in a crisis.

Maybe the position of their glasses was the last thing on their minds, and yes the camera angle is partly to blame, but if you wear glasses while on TV make sure they are pushed well back so your eyes are clearly visible.

You can see how it looks in this report from the ABC’s 7.30 Report

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