Testimonials, Feedback & Reviews

Corporate Media Services Testimonials, Feedback and ReviewsThis is a small sample of testimonials, feedback and reviews following the many media training courses we have conducted at Corporate Media Services.

The Media Training Courses have been run in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth, regional centres in all states of Australia, New Zealand and PNG.

*The following testimonials, feedback and reviews are listed with the written permission of each participant.

“Fantastic! One of the best and most relevant training courses I have ever done!”
Leanne Sinclair, Family Violence Program Manager – Victoria Legal Aid

“Excellent. First class – much more useful than I had anticipated!”
D. Hilton, Director – Walter & Eliza Hall Institute

“Excellent. I enjoyed and needed the practise. Doug and Milton were both fantastic and very helpful.”
Sally Scott, Partner – Hall and Wilcox Lawyers

“Truly sensational and although challenging, I’d be very happy to do it again.”
Luca Cella, Marketing Manager – Beretta Australia

“Fantastic program – I learnt a lot.”
David Brown, Executive Manager (Sales) – Siemens Healthcare

“Professional trainers who clearly knew how to deliver.”
Superintendent Neil Paterson – Victoria Police

J F Kelly, Program Director Cities – Grattan Institute

“Excellent. Very good tools to take back into the professional arena.”
Leigh Dunn, General Manager – The GPT Group

“Fantastic program, very useful and insightful.”
Dean Burgess, Director – Office of the Tasmanian Economic Regulator

“Absolutely brilliant. Very practical, fantastic content, very experienced presenters and professional delivery. A very worthwhile investment.”
Jessica Ridgeway, CEO – Epic Health

“One word – outstanding!”
Lenette Gear, Head of Operations Healthcare – Australian Unity

“Very challenging, got me out of my comfort zone. Role play is very valuable. Overall, good insight into all forms of media.”
Chris Hummel, General Manager – Wintulichs Pty Ltd

“Excellent program, well delivered. Left the room armed with essential skills and confidence.”
Viv Bailey, QA Manager – Wintulichs Pty Ltd

“Excellent, worthwhile, very informative and interactive.”
Keith Anderson, Senior Manager – NEC

“Great session, lots of good information, great energy and interaction.”
Damien Synot, Compliance – Toll Global Forwarding

“Excellent. Lots of energy, very good content and I enjoyed the interactive presentation style.”
Betty Katirtzidis, Director – CFO Institute

“Fantastic program, very useful and valuable. Although somewhat confronting and uncomfortable it was skill building.”
MBA Student – Deakin University

“Really enjoyable, flowed well, provides an appropriate level of challenge.”
Ned, Physiotherapist – Alfred Health

“Throughly enjoyed the day! Thank you.”
Jo Pedgrift, Team Leader – Allianz Australia

“Confronting at the start, however when over the fear it was a very rewarding eight hours.”
Clint McCulloch – QBE Insurance

“Fantastic. Enjoyed specifically the structure that we were taught and Doug was really engaging.”
Brett Lovett, Business Consultant – NSW Business Chamber

“Good structure bringing the day from Crisis Management through to media delivery.”
Phil Riley, National Manager – AGC

“Great energy. Thought provoking and challenging. Thanks, it was a great experience that provides a much needed insight into the media and how to handle difficult situations.”
ohn Brenner, National Sales Manager – Bissell

“Great Course.”
Paul Cleveland, Director Business Development.  Elasto Plastic Concrete

“Excellent, confronting, educational, a thoroughly comprehensive program.”
Anne Whitehouse, CEO – Energy Assured

“A really worthwhile session. It was great to learn and practise techniques to deliver authentic messages.”
Simon Dyer, Centre Manager – The GPT Group

“The entire program was very engaging.”
Kylie Thomas, Manager Claims Performance – TAC

“Good fun, simple and clear to understand, great tips and advice…an enjoyable day.”
Stephen Healy, Manager Raw Water Supply – Coliban Water

“Fantastic program. I learnt so much about media and presentation styles and feel more confident for future research outcomes and my ability to present to the public.Brilliant session, well worth doing, learnt o much, well done!”
Barbara Fam, Senior Research Officer – The University of Melbourne

“The course gave me complete confidence to deal with all types of media at an executive level, thankyou.”
Detective Superintendent Gerard Ryan – Victoria Police

“Experienced facilitators and good practical tips. I enjoyed the course and got value from it.”
Superintendent Rod Wilson – Victoria Police

“Terrific, engaging, practical.”
Peter Hunt, Director Community Services – Hobsons Bay City Council

“Great Training. Learned a lot and has improved my skills and confidence.”
Nicola Ward, Manager Environment – City of Casey

“An excellently delivered training regime that will greatly assist my media delivery in all future situations.”
Bill Tehan, Mayor – Hobsons Bay City Council

“Very valuable insights into communicating with the media and how to give it your best shot.”
John Nevins, CEO – City of Kingston

“Thank you Doug for a professionally planned and delivered media training program. It was enormously beneficial to all who participated.”
Richard Gilmour, Executive Director – Earthwatch

“Great program, good approach, nice use of examples.”
Sally Baker, Partnership Coordinator – Christian Blind Mission

“Fantastic, short, sharp and clear. Useful tips and excellent dry run on how to communicate and respond. Great having professionals who know the trade, run the sessions.”
Adam Beaumont, Program Leader (Enforcement and Compliance Reform) – EPA Victoria

“Excellent, Very helpful.”
Helen Szoke, Commissioner – Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commision

“Great course, got a lot out of it, particularly the recording and playback sessions for TV and radio…very helpful feedback…excellent course material.”
Nathan Christian, Assistant Fire Management Officer – DSE

Cheryl Batagol, Chairman – Environment Protection Authority Victoria

“A fantastic experience with invaluable tips. The many tools explained and demonstrated will be extremely useful.”
Fiona Rae, Financial Accountant – Barwon Water

“Absolutely fascinating. Many points I would never have considered prior to today.”
Richard Johnson, Asssistant Winemaker – Domaine Chandon

“Content was precise, useful and very effective.”
Tim Heath, Winemaker, Cloudy Bay Vineyards

“…of great value in ensuring we communicate effectively with our worldwide audiences.”
Colleen Walker, Export Markets Executive – Estates & Wines APANZ

“Enjoyed the day enormously. Highly recommend the course.”
Greg Williams, National Business Development Manager – Moet-Hennessy Australia

“Excellent day, very informative. Very challenging but definitely worthwhile.”
Alan Peters, Oswald, Assistant Winemaker – Cloudy Bay Vineyards

“Very instructive and enjoyable.”
Ralph Plarre, Owner – Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses

“A very well run course, professionally conducted and most informative and useful.”
Sean McManus, Director Communications – Zoos Victoria

“Excellent program enhancing our understanding of how to use media on our terms.”
Andrew Fairley, Chairman – Zoos Victoria

“Well structured, very comprehensive…Doug and Milton provided great insight, thank-you.”
Orry Lack, PR & Communication Coordinator – Bakers Delight

“I feel much more prepared and confident for my upcoming TV interview and others in the future.”
Bernadette Knight, Marketing Manager – Moet Hennessy Australia

“Fantastic! Extremely beneficial and some key learnings that will assist in all media/event situations.”
Sarah Bentley, Senior Brand Manager – Moet Hennessy Australia

“Great program, thanks very much.”
Georgia Murphy, General Manager People & Culture – IDP Education

“This is not something that should be done once. We need to be reminded and to work through these important techniques.”
Tony Pollock, CEO – IDP Education

“Very helpful reinforcement of process to prepare and manage communication of key messages through media.”
Andrew Thompson, COO – IDP Education

“This was simply an excellent course, end of story.”
Andrew Walters, Chief Financial Officer – Deakin University

“Very easy to follow and well presented.”
Chris Manzie, Senior Lecturer – University of Melbourne

“I would rate you 10/10 as a presenter”
Marilyn Howley. Finance & Operations Manager Construction – Deakin University

“Very useful! I feel more confident with dealing with the media and…have gained useful advice on strategies to prepare and conduct interviews.”
Sarah Whittle, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Orygen Youth Health Research Centre

“Opportunity to simulate a TV interview was extremely valuable and will be most useful in refining any future media experience.”
Jane Freemantle, Associate Professor, University of Melbourne

“Relevant, well paced, thorough program, appropriately tailored”
Saul Eslake, Program Director Productivity Growth – Grattan Institute

“Excellent interactive session, confronting but memorable and entertaining”
Katrina Thompson, General Manager (Disability Employment Services) – Max Employment

“I came without any media training and now feel I have learnt a lot…I have more confidence in my ability to handle a situation with the media”
Jill Kokinos, General Manager – BJH Controls Pty Ltd

“An extremely well led program and true experiential approach”
John Clements, Senior Associate – HR Anywhere

“Excellent, succinct, clear, comprehensive, entertaining”
David O’Donell, NSW Sales Manager – Interpath Services

“I thought the program was fantastic. It left me with a great sense of confidence”
Vicki Saraya, Member Communications Advisor – Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman

“Really useful – Practical. Great Tips”
Paul Northey, General Manager Insurance – RACV

“Well structured, informative & fantastic learning style. Good mix of discussion, presentation and use of visuals. Excellent”
James Daffey, Training/HR Coordinator – Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees

“Excellent pace and structure. Kept the group relaxed and engaged all the way through. I found the workshops extremely valuable”
Nick Duffy, Senior Training Consultant – Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees

“Very engaging, great feedback, constructive”
Amy Camillen, Acting Operations Manager – Super Partners

“Very beneficial and interesting”
Bernadette Barker, Administrator – Vision Super

“Excellent session, very interactive and helpful”
Bianca Ferlazzo, Funds Relationship Officer – Industry Fund Services

“Once again taken out of the comfort zone. After every session I feel more confident facing the media”
Orna Terpstra, Regional manager SA/NT – Bakers Delight

“Very well presented and targeted to our audience, thank you. ”
Cindy Goddard, Communications Manager, Centre of Aquatic Pollution Research Fellow – Melbourne University

“An excellently conducted program. The experience of Doug and Milton was clearly highlighted when they explained each step of media.”
Khaseem Mohamed, Q&A and Release Manager – Wesfarmers Insurance

“Excellent. You reinforced the learning throughout, kept it moving, stayed in control and ensured we were never bored! Although the training was challenging you created a safe environment to practise in.”
Alison Taylor, Client Relationship Manager – The Recover Group

“Great program, very rewarding and worthwhile.”
Aaron Violi, Sales Manager – Yarra Valley Snack Foods

“Fantastic, it was a great experience. I really appreciated being put through the day’s activities. It has given me awareness of the media.”
Greg Rodwell, Divisional Business – City Of Melbourne

“Fantastic – really helpful and has given me much more insight and confidence to do media interviews.”
Tim Faragher, Manager Regulatory Programs – EPA

“Really good session, great information.”
Ben Hughes, Development Marketing Manager – The GPT Group

“Excellent program. Valuable tools I can take away. I’m far more confident about what is required in dealing with the media effectively.”
Tim Ferguson, Senior Manager Business Development – The Gordon Tafe

“Terrific program, really interesting, good interaction, presenters know their stuff.”
Greg Waddell, Director, Living Well Enterprise – The Gordon Tafe

“Fabulous training session that gave me an excellent insight into the relationship council has with the media. It has equipped me with the skills to use when required. Great!”
Theo Panagopoulos, Acting Manager Engineering and Parks – City Of Wodonga

“A fantastic introduction to an area otherwise unfamiliar to me. Having no prior media training I found this crash course invaluable and I look forward to honing my new skills and putting them into practise. Thanks Doug!”
Melissa Weinberg, Research Fellow – Deakin University

“Well done and thank you. I have certainly learnt some very valuable techniques and processes for media interactions.”

Mark Lane, Mayor – City Of Whitehorse

“Excellent training program, a great stepping stone to go forward with the media.”
Stevan Kozmevski – City Of Whittlesea

“I found the program very beneficial. The progression of the program was excellent – built confidence as the program proceeded. Very worthwhile, rewarding program, well presented in an approachable style.”
Darrin McKenzie, Assistant Chief Officer – DSE

“Easy to understand and simplified the way in which you would look at media interviews. Very well put together course delivered in a logical and easy to understand manner.”
Brian Cunial, Mayor – Frankston City Council

“Terrific! Really practical and lots of insider knowledge.”
Margot Williamson, Communications & Media Officer – Moonee Valley City Council

“Excellent program, thank you.”
David Spear, Manager Executive Projects – Golden Plains Shire

“Interesting, enjoyable, good constructive comments.”
Jessica Thomas, Project Officer – ABC

“Very professional with excellent use of technology; realistic and user friendly tips and identification of traps and pitfalls. Valuable in providing extra confidence to deal with the media in both positive and negative situations.”
Cheryl Rix, Board Member – Community Bank Strategic Advisory Board

“It was great! I feel more confident…The individual focus and feedback was valuable and essential to the learning. Thanks.”
Melissa Graham,Senior Lecturer – Deakin University

“Excellent! Very practical, honest and helpful.”
Gary Sacks, Lecturer – Deakin University

“Very good, thorough and professional”
Ewan Waller, Chief Fire Officer – DSE

“Very well packaged program, good balance of instruction and practical exercises”
Natalie James, State Manager VIC – Department of Education, Employment & Workplace Relations

“Excellent coaching, clear instructions…well delivered.”
Kelli Cheales, CEO – Epic Health Medical Clinics

“Thank you for a very valuable and informative day of training, I will take away some very useful tools.”
Felicity Bolitho, Acting Communications & Marketing Officer – Golden Plains Shire Council

“A very useful course which will be very valuable for me in the future.”
Rosanne Kava, CEO – Gannawarra Shire Council

“Excellent overview of [media] process and I particularly appreciated the opportunity to observe myself on tape/video as well as learn from others. Thanks, very useful.”
Lindy Roberts, Vice President – Australian And New Zealand College of Anaesthetists

“Well paced; relevant; fun…extremely useful.”
Genevieve Goulding, Councillor – Australian And New Zealand College of Anaesthetists

“I learned an enormous amount. One thing I learned was how much I did not know! The systematic way material was presented impressed me. Use of scenarios familiar to our field was also relevant.”
David Jones, Dean Faculty of Pain Medicine – Australian And New Zealand College of Anaesthetists

“Very well presented, well organised and fantastic content”
Raelene Woods, Marketing Manager – The Gordon

“Great program; exactly what was needed”
Wanda Korndorffer, Director Innovation – The Gordon

“Excellent, practical, hands on”
Marcus Williams, Managing Lawyer – Victoria Legal Aid

“I really enjoyed it. Was dreading it and thought of not coming…glad I did. The training has given me a good process to think through before approaching a media situation.”
Kathleen – Family Planning Victoria

“Excellent, well presented, interactive”
Elsie – Family Planning Victoria

“Enjoyed the course, practical, good communicators”
David Andrew, Senior Estate Advisor – State Trustees Ltd

“Excellent, the best I have had”
Trang Thomas, Director – The Australian Psychological Society

“Great training. The course was great for what we needed to achieve and provided flexibility to concentrate on building strengths in particular areas. Invaluable, great results for our team.”
Kim Sweetnam, Communications Manager – Warrnambool City Council

“Clear, useful, relevant, interesting; will apply new skills/techniques in my day-to-day work.”
Anna Craig, Senior Media Advisor – Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission

“Really useful and practical”
Karen Toohey, CEO – Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission

“Fantastic hands-on training. Doug and Milton were impeccable: professional, knowledgeable and expert. [Their] experience comes clearly through every part of the day. Can’t imagine two better equipped trainers. Some of the anecdotes are worth the price of admission! Highly recommended!”
Shiung Low, Project Manager – World Vision Australia

“Enjoyable program, presenters were fantastic”
Andrew Hill, Leading Firefighter – Melbourne Metropolitan Fire Brigade

“Enjoyable…, interesting, useful”
Connie Gibbons, General Manager Social Development – City of Stonnington

“Really valuable, providedgood opportunity to gain confidence and learning”
Karen Watson, Executive Manager Sustainable Future – City of Stonnington

“Fantastic! Very professional and great, learnt a lot of useful information. Well done.”
Geoff Rollinson, Director of Infrastructure – Gannawarra Shire Council

“The program was practical and grounded giving me confidence I could take what was discussed and immediately put it to good effect in my business”
John Belleville, IELTS Director – IDP Education

“Thanks for great training session. Fantastic because it’s practical. Making us sweat here means we will sweat less out there when it’s happening. ”
Renee Imbesi, Program Manager Preventing Violence Against Women – VicHealth

“Excellent, lots of great tips and opportunity to practise….thanks, really great opportunity.”
Julie Woods, Manager Nutrition and Food Systems – VicHealth

“Excellent…interesting course. I particularly enjoyed the crisis media coaching – invaluable.”
Clare Kirkpatrick – SES Victoria

“Very enjoyable, instructors easy to follow and positive feedback given”
Peter King – SES Victoria

“Excellently presented by Luke and Doug”
Jodie Keats – SES Victoria

“Great – Wow factor!!”
John Wolf, MLD – Coast Guard

“This has been a fantastic opportunity: what a privilege to have such wonderful, intense, relevant, useful training! Brilliant!”
Alison Brook, National Executive Officer – Relationships Australia

“Fantastic!! Highly informative, excellent feedback, great structure. Fantastic to learn from such experienced professionals. I can use what I have learnt here not only in media situations but in life”
Michelle Mavroyeni, Volunteer and Community Education Officer – SES Victoria

“Dynamic, interesting, rewarding course. Thank you for all your encouragement and positive feedback.”
Deanne Semmens, Search and Rescue – Coast Guard

“Fantastic course, will be a lot of benefit to me and our flotilla”
Jason Power – Coast Guard

“Very useful and complimentary to community education course already completed. Presenters prepared to listen, answered questions, kept everything on track…friendly but professional.”
Vicky Creed, TRG Officer and Community Ed Facilitator – SES Victoria

“Great course, valuable strategies, lots of fun and lots of learning. Well done.”
Lesley Collins – SES Victoria

“Very informative…I found having professional journalists conduct the course more useful than just a trainer.”
Dirk Arnold, PR Officer (Lilydale) – SES Victoria

“Very good – accurate useful information. Good amount of practical experience. Aimed at the right level for our level of experience. I appreciated that the course was taught by working journalists!”
Joanna Sumner, Manager Genetic Resources – Museum Victoria

“Excellent course, gave a great insight into how the media operates.”
Steve Streeter, Manager – Maldon and District Community Bank

“The presenter was very clear, very engaging, very warm and personable. An enjoyable day.”
Anna Hansen – College of Health Psychologists – Australian Psychological Society

“A very beneficial course. I learnt some excellent key points to assist when presenting information. I found the tools provided were a great asset if I am to address/ engage media”
Matt Wallis, Volunteer Member – SES Victoria

“Very worthwhile”
Di Blackwood, Mayor – Baw Baw Shire Council

“Very useful information well delivered.”
Stephen Green, GM Data centres – Datacom Systems

“Concise, clear and constructive. Great that it was a small class, very personal and focused to individual needs.”
Kate Adamson, Group Marketing Communications Manager – Bakers Delight

Jaqueline Taylor, Manager Strategic Marketing & Insights – State Trustees

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