Saddam on toast

Saddam on Toast

Saddam on Toast

Published: 6 February 1993

Publication: TV Week

Author: Editor

Words: 441

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Saddam on Toast

There is good news for viewers wanting to wake up to something serious on television.

First Edition starting on February 8, is the ABC’s early morning offering for 1993.

Don’t expect cute-puppy stories or beaming presenters – this is one hour of hard news.

The program will screen on weekdays at 6.30, meaning a 3.30 start for presenters Doug Weller and Kate Dunstan, who say the only bonus is not having to be merry in the morning.

“It is going to be a much more serious program than morning television has been to date.” Dunstan says. “It will be hard news, a lot of international news and a lot of politics. It will be a really serious program.”

There are those who may argue few people will want to fall out of bed to watch the woes of the world on television. But Weller has a different view and points to the success of ABC Radio’s morning news programs, which have a large and faithful audience.

“I don’t think what we are doing is really brave,” he says.

“There are a lot of serious-minded people who watch television at that time of day.”

“The audience we are after will be up at 6.30am and out the door by 7.30am. It’s going to be perfect for them.”

Executive producer Jill Singer, formerly with The 7.30 Report, hand picked the team, which includes reporters Kevin McQuillan and Lisa Backhouse with ABC Radio’s Pru Goward as a commentator.

Dunstan is a familiar face in the ABC TV’s newsroom, reading weekend bulletins and, in summer, the nightly seven o’clock news.

Earlier she was one of the original producers of the Seven Network’s Tonight Live news.

Jill Singer says First Edition will combine headline news with interviews and background stories.

She wants the program to set new ground rules for Australian morning television, which in the past has aimed mainly to entertain.

So what sort of news do you find at 3.30am?

The timeslot gives the first bite at international news and events developing in Canberra.

Singer also points to the way ABC radio news in the morning tends to set the agenda for the day’s news.

“If you listen to radio in the morning, a lot of it creates the news of the day,” she says.

“That’s what we want to do – it’s just that we’re on television.”

By the time First Edition goes to air the team will have had three weeks to make a series of pilots and organise their schedule.

Singer, Dunstan and Weller remain undaunted by their starting time.

Perhaps their zeal has something to do with the origins of First Edition?


Saddam on toast

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Doug Weller on ABC Television First Edition

Doug Weller on ABC Television First Edition Tuberculosis

Doug Weller on ABC Television First Edition Current Affairs Program interviewing guest Dr Brian Dwyer about Tuberculosis

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Video Title: Doug Weller on ABC Television First Edition Current Affairs Program interviewing guest about Tuberculosis

Date: 1993

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Duration: 01:18 minutes

Produced by: ABC First Edition

Doug Weller on ABC Television First Edition


Across Australia you’re with First Edition

Outbreaks of tuberculosis have commonly been thought
to be a thing of the past relegated to history.

But there are fears now that we haven’t really conquered
this sometimes fatal disease.

One hundred and eighteen Telecom workers
from a suburban Melbourne branch were
recently tested for TB after one possibly two
co-workers came down with it.

The result nine tested strongly
positive and dozens more showed signs of

Now while this could simply be a result
of former vaccinations, health
authorities are not being complacent
with us now is Doctor Brian Dwyer.

Dr Dwyer specializes in TB research and
until last year was head of the Turberculosis
Centre at the Fairfield Infectious Diseases Hospital.

Good Morning

Good Morning

Now for those who don’t know what TB is
and how it affects us can you just give us
a bit of a run through there.

Sure, TB is caused by a germ which is
sensitive to antibiotics.

it’s transmitted from one person to another
through one person who has active infection
causing disease in the lungs being able to cough
out infectious particles into the air which other
people can then inhale and become infected.

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Doug Weller

Doug Weller

Doug Weller

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Doug Weller is an Australian media training specialist.

Doug’s roles have included Bureau Chief, Executive Producer, Editor, Chief of Staff, National Reporter, National Television and Radio Presenter and Newsreader, ABC Washington Correspondent, ABC Canberra Correspondent and Lecturer in Journalism.

His skills, knowledge, networks and experience have been gathered from specialist media roles in Australia, America and the Asia Pacific Region representing broadcasters, state governments, corporate organisations, executive networks, statutory bodies, community enterprises, universities and training organisations.

His practical and driven approach, combined with extensive media insight has been utilised by Australian and international organisations. Doug’s expertise has helped clients effectively manage this fast moving, unpredictable and powerful medium that can easily ruin an individual or organisation’s reputation.

Doug constantly sources innovative ideas and techniques from his Australian and international connections across print, radio, television, online, social networks and new media outlets.

A strong supporter of the Australian media industry, Doug judges various awards and provides expert advice to several committees for higher education in the field of Journalism.

Doug imparts his knowledge and provides strategies and advice to empower people to successfully control their message and display calm, confident leadership when dealing with the media.

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2009 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
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2003 Indonesia Metro TV – Presentation Skills Training
2005 China The General Administration of Media and Publication
(GAMP) – Senior Management Training
2005 Indonesia TVRI – Presentation Skills Training
2006 Indonesia – IASTP 111 – Print Journalism Training Project


Doug Weller is a Member of the Melbourne Press Club and is a Judge in the Annual Quill Awards

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